Lakeview, OR Cannabis Dispensary

Lakeview Oregon’s #1 Marijuana Dispensary

The New Amsterdam marijuana dispensary in Lakeview, OR is open for business. We’re proud to bring low prices on the highest quality cannabis products
to the most isolated rural community in the contiguous United States.

Let providence guide you into The New Amsterdam

At The New Amsterdam we celebrate the history and culture behind cannabis that stretches back over 2,000 years. Mary Jane has been valued for its medicinal properties since the beginning of civilization and we’re excited to be at the forefront of its resurgence.

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Discover the wonderful benefits of the ganja today.

Our cannabis store is licensed for both recreational and medical sales. We provide a safe, ADA-Accessible space for those new and experienced with weed to relax, learn, and choose from the very best cannabis products in Oregon state.

A unique cannabis experience

Lakeview, OR is a last stop for supplies on the way to burning man, and our dispensary is the first one you’ll find crossing into Oregon from California. We provide cannabis to customers from Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho and around the world. Our doors are open to every creed, legal age, color, and gender because reefer is a gift that can benefit every person.

Buy your cannabis from budtenders who’ve been there.

The New Amsterdam Lakeview, OR Interior
Our budtenders aren’t just enthusiasts—they have grown and enjoyed the benefits of green corn, both recreationally and medically. We work with everyone who comes in the door to find the best strain and delivery system for their needs. That’s why we carry a full line up of the state’s best flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

How do we provide Lakeview with the best in cannabis? Our sister store in Portland has strong relationships with the State’s best growers and producers of cannabis products. We’re uniquely positioned to get the highest-quality products from the biggest city in the state and sell them at the same affordable prices as our sister store. You won’t find the typical Lakeview, OR markup here!

Come celebrate weed at The New Amsterdam

When you walk into our dispensary you’ll be greeted by the sweet sounds of new and classic jazz and blues. We celebrate everything that makes jazz cabbage nature’s best medicine including the music and people it’s inspired.

Our cannabis-leaf mural watches over the storefront and contains imagery from each of the 7 continents. Quotes from famous historical figures adorn the wall, connecting us to pot’s past and present as we pave the way for the future of cannabis in Lakeview.

Whatever you’re planning, make it better with weed.

Lakeview, OR is a destination town when you want to get away from it all. Whether you live here full-time or you’re just visiting, our town is surrounded by natural beauty and infused with the wild frontier spirit our country was founded on.

We believe everyone has the right to enjoy cannabis how they like and when they like. When you want the state’s best cannabis products at prices you won’t find outside of Portland, stop on by The New Amsterdam in Lakeview.