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Lakeview Oregon’s #1 Marijuana Dispensary

The New Amsterdam marijuana dispensary in Lakeview, OR is open for business. We’re proud to bring low prices on the highest quality cannabis products to the most isolated rural community in the contiguous United States. Let providence guide you into The New AmsterdamAt The New Amsterdam we celebrate the history and culture behind cannabis that stretches back over 2,000 years. Mary Jane has been valued for its medicinal properties since the beginning of civilization and we’re excited to be at the forefront of its resurgence. Discover the wonderful benefits of the ganja today.Our cannabis store is licensed for both recreational and medical sales. We provide a safe, ADA-Accessible space for those new and experienced with weed to relax, learn, and choose from the very best cannabis products in Oregon state.

A unique cannabis experience

Lakeview, OR is a last stop for supplies on the way to burning man, and our dispensary is the first one you’ll find crossing into Oregon from California. We provide cannabis to customers from Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho and around the world. Our doors are open to every creed, legal age, color, and gender because reefer is a gift that can benefit every person.

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